• Norbert Klose

"Watching Nature, Watching Bees, learning how to Be"

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Be warned before you start reading this blog! This will be not only about BEES! It will be a journey through the insides of my life and how we all can get lost. An intimate account with nature , with our nature and what sets us apart from it and makes us longing to go back to it. An inside into the macro and micro world of the Honey-bee : Apis Mellifera And also an inside of other Honeybees we know of. Watching nature is a way to find back to ourselves in our so busy fast world with so many electronics. Snapshots and video clips taken through my life will part of this blog. And the Insect World will always be part of it. Also i want to mention that english is not my first language, so there will be the usual twists and mistakes you will find. But i will keep it simple and raw and organic just like the Honey i steal from the bees i look after. So enjoy and be entertained from this blog which i will update on a "regular" base. There is one photo with my mum and me i would like to share. You can literally see how easy it was for me to just BE. The second "E" was not found yet

It's so easy to BE when words have no meaning yet

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