Current Honey types and other Bee Products 

Here a selection of the current types of Raw Organic Honey available.
It is traditionally harvested and spun by hand in small batches.
The bee colonies are managed with passion and care so that the quality

and the flavour of this honey is yours to enjoy.       
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Manuka Honey

It has been an amazing year for Manuka honey. It is of a very high quality due to a dry season.  It is Marker tested by the Hill Lab. Activity  MGO around 80.

500g  $36        to buy click link:

   BEE   T-SHIRT       $36

  Bee T-shirt comes in Women sizes S and M
                      Man size   M and L

            Natural white only    100% Cotton
                   Fabric from Bangladesh 
               Screen printed in Nelson  NZ 
                      to buy click link below

      Front of the T-shirt

Honey Comb

The most natural way of having Organic Honey straight out of the beehive. Untouched and original in its taste and consistency.
Email to order

Thyme Honey

A beautiful strong organic monofloral honey from the hills of Central Otago. A rare beauty!

500g     $22

Cinnamon Honey

This honey has a beautiful lingering cinnamon flavour. Stone ground organic cinnamon bark blends with the complexity of the Manuka Sweet Dream honey. Truly a treat!

75g , 250g or 500g start from $5

Honey Dew

Wild non-floral honey which the bees gather from the scales of the beech tree.  It is very high in minerals and perfect for teas, muesli and making kombucha.

   Out of stock

    New Zealand tea towel

                 The life cycle of
           the worker honeybee........

    What a better way to study bees
      while you do your dishes hehe
                 Unique in design
                 printed in Nelson

                  $22 or 3 for $60

        Honey Comb in small jars
                     a unique gift

     Please pre-order for next season
                      Jars come in

               150g, 250g or 500g


The  Sweet Dream honey blended with stone ground organic Cinnamon and Cardamom.
Amazing flavor which is perfect for adding to your morning muesli or have it on toast or in your favorit black tea ..............
150g, 250g or 500g     starts from  $8


    Organic HoneyComb
              Sold Out

     Honey Comb from spring to summer
                   in its variety to choose
                from 250g up to 1.5kg jars
                      Out of stock


      Kanuka Honey Comb                      Cappings

     The best from Kanuka Honey Comb are the             Honeycomb Cappings. Limited amount                    available                    500g  $30


   Here an amazing Combo

Sweet Dream an early summer bush Honey with the taste of wild Rata and a touch of Manuka and                     Kanuka bush.   
         truly a Dream
And the stronger tasting Summer Secret which comes from bush areas of Kanuka and other native bush varieties in Nelson    250g, 500g, 1.5kg
Starts from $8 

  Turmeric/Manuka Blend

   Manuka Honey blended with organic Fijian   Turmeric.........truly an unusual taste and will
     go well  with some of your cooking or on
                  150g, 250g      starts from $12

500g Sweet Dream Honey (Rata taste)
            250g Manuka Honey and
                Bee-Teatowel combo
                       $45 only  

Any of those Combinations
                     $39 only 

     Organic Bees Wax
$3 per piece or 2 for $5

Kanuka Honey 500g  and a Bee-tea-                     towel combo for
                        only $32


   Super Christmas Combo
-500g Sweet Dream
-500g Kanuka Honey
-250g Manuka Honey 98%
-250g Manuka/Tumeric
-Cinnamon/Cardamom          Honey 150g
-75g Cinnamon Honey
-one bar Honey Soap
-one Beeswax Christmas        candle
-One Bee-tea-towel with        the life cycle of the                worker honey bee
                $79  (worth $104)   
till stock last. For orders:
text or call 021 6778 37

500g Organic Blue Borage 
 Amazing delicate flavour
         500g  $22 

            Out of stock 
      fresh Honey Comb     available mid-December 


   Pure Bees Wax Candles
 perfect gift for Christmas
 burns up to 7 hours if the     wick is trimmed proper
     Each $7 or 3 for $18   

   Pure Bees Wax Candles
     perfect for Christmas                 decoration 
      $7 each or 3 for $18

Pure Bees Wax Christmas
  Candles burning up to 7        hours when properly                      trimmed
      $7 each or 3 for $18 

        Educational Teatowel  
    The Life Cycle of the Worker                       Honeybee
        $22 each or 3 for $60
  The perfect gift for beekeepers
          printed in Nelson NZ 

Educational teatowel of the                   Honey Bee
    Printed and designed in                      Nelson NZ
    Pure unbleached Cotton
       $22 each or 3 for $60 

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